Our Staff at Hummel Pet Services

Our dedicated and supportive staff are here to guide you through this difficult journey. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met.

Paul H.Paul Hummel III, President/Funeral Director

Growing up with pets, I know how important they are to their family. This inspired me to establish a pet service that families in Northeast Ohio could call and know that their beloved pet would be handled with compassion and respect upon their death. In 2006 I opened the first pet funeral service, operated by a family owned funeral home with over 100 years of funeral service to the community. This has provided me the opportunity to carry on our compassionate funeral ministry to our pet families.

Jennifer H.Jennifer Hummel, Manager

I realized the impact of the loss of an animal when I lost Malley, our 13 year-old chocolate lab. To those who have never lost such a close friend, it is difficult to imagine or understand the pain of losing such a valued family member. While serving our families the experience of living with and losing Malley helps me to understand and empathize with them. 

Jenny has grown up with dogs all her life. She now lives with one lab, Daisy Duke, her husband Paul and two daughters, Caroline and Maggie. She has a bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in Business and has been working in the family business for the past 15 years.

Ken A.Ken A., Pet Team Member

As a mail carrier for 30 years, I felt as though I was a part of the community I served. While maintaining the same route for almost 20 years I learned the families and friends, and yes, the pets of everyone I delivered to. Many carriers have dog treats on them, but I was one of the only ones I knew that carried cat treats too, and the neighborhood cats knew it as well. Once I retired, I went from caring for one family with pets in one way, to caring for them in another. 

Ken Graduated from Akron East High school in 1970, then from The University of Akron in 1973. Ken Served three years in the Army. Following his service worked for the postal service for 30 years, from which he is now retired. Ken has two cats, Magic and Jackpot. Ken has been working for Hummel Pet Services since April of 2012.

Sarah A.Sarah A., Pet Team Member

Sarah Aitkin is a new member to our Pet Service Team. She graduated from the University of Akron and is a life-long resident of Bath. She lives on the farm that she grew up on and cares for her six rescue donkeys, horses, cats and dogs. She previously worked with the Humane Society of Greater Akron as their Director of Animal Operations, and One of A Kind Pets as their Clinic Director. Sarah is also active with Cops for Kids with Autism. She resides at her family farm with her twin daughters and son. She co-founded Hearts & Paws Rescue Group and to date, she enjoys volunteering and continues to help animals find forever homes.

Matthew V.Matthew V., Pet Team Member

Although it took years of begging, Matt’s hard work paid off when he turned 10 and his father finally agreed to get their family a dog. They all were set on a cocker spaniel, probably from his mom’s love of Lady and the Tramp. Since that moment Matt has always appreciated the dedication, enjoyment, and love that goes along with being a pet owner. Of course when the time came it was difficult to say goodbye to their latest addition to the family, but after 15 happy years they knew it was time. He gets a lot of personal satisfaction helping those going through a similar loss. Since then, Matt has added a new family member, a rescue named Rex. Matt has learned the value of rescuing pets and has enjoyed volunteer work for local rescue groups. Matt graduated from the University of Akron in 2002 and received his Masters degree in 2012. In addition to pet care you can find him cheering for our Cleveland sports teams, enjoying a cup of coffee, or heading out for a long run. 

Mark G.Mark G., Pet Team Member