Pet Memorial Services

The staff of Hummel Pet Service has learned many things over the years, including the power, and value, of ceremony. We encourage you and your family to create a remembrance ceremony to bring hearts together, and begin the healing process. We will help you to find the perfect way to say 'good-bye.'

How to Honor and Remember Your Pet

It's about bringing those they loved together at this time of loss. It's a natural thing to do, and we encourage our client families to do so. If you have questions regarding the possibility of a memorial service for your pet, or would like to make arrangements, contact us at (330) 247-1401.

Grief Support

Grief Resources

Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one? Are you feeling alone and wondering what you should do? Do you find yourself asking, is this normal?

We understand that you may feel alone when dealing with Grief, and we want to provide you a library of information to help you at your time of need. Also to let you know your not alone to deal with your loss. Contact us anytime.


Pet Memorial Products

Pet Memorial Merchandise

We have a great selection of Funeral Merchandise to choose from. Whether you are looking for Cremation Urns or Keepsakes. Feel free to look around on our online merchandise page.